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Terms and Conditions

hfa contemporary only represents artists whose work is consistent with the gallery's contemporary and aesthetic profile. Representation is by invitation only and purely at the discretion of the Director. Unless otherwise arranged, the Director reserves the right to curate what will be exhibited in the gallery. (See: Submission Rules and Guidelines)

hfa contemporary (hereafter also known as "the gallery" or "Hodnett Fine Art") will undertake to promote, exhibit and sell artwork done by represented artists within the means of the gallery's operating budget and physical limitations. Work will only be accepted on consignment with NO up-front payment or cash advance of any kind to the artist. Unless otherwise arranged and agreed to in writing, the gallery will require that artists who's work is sold by the gallery will pay the gallery a 40% commission based on the final selling price. The artist will receive 60% of the realized final sale price (before taxes and after price concessions).  The gallery's commission and any outstanding expenses due to the gallery by the exhibiting artist, such as advertising, framing, mounting, shipping, etc., will be deducted at time of settlement. Settlement will be made once all purchase funds have been fully deposited in the gallery's account by the buyer and cleared by the bank concerned. If the amount owed to the gallery is greater than the sum of any sales, the artist will be responsible for full settlement of outstanding amounts before any artworks will be released back to the artist. Please Note: Artwork will remain in the possession of the gallery until such time as all costs are settled in full.  A limited time storage fee will be charged for artwork not collected once the relevant exhibition period, or a reasonable time-line for free storage agreed to between the Director and the artist, has elapsed. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the Director and the artist or group of artists concerned, any work not collected after 6 months (or an agreed upon time period) may be sold to defray storage and other costs.

Insurance, framing, crating, shipping and handling to and from the gallery, import/export duties and any other expenses, fees, duties and any levies that may apply, will be the responsibility of the artist unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the Director and all and any parties concerned. The cost of any necessary restoration/conservation due to damage to artworks either in transit or while on show which is not due to any deliberate action or negligence on the part of gallery staff will be for the artist's account. (See: Note below)

No gallery hiring fees for hfa scheduled exhibitions apply. However, certain gallery hiring fees may apply to special gallery events such as fashion shows, poetry readings, product endorsement events, etc. Exhibiting artists will be expected to pay for all advertising material including media adverts, posters, gallery signage, invitation cards and mail-out costs. All advertising material must be approved by the Director before publication and distribution. Artists will also be expected to pay for liquid refreshments, snacks, canapés, etc. made available during opening reception events unless otherwise agreed to in writing by the Director and the artist or group of artists concerned.

Depending on the amount owing to the gallery, all, or a portion, of the proceeds of any sale to defray costs will go towards the gallery's accumulated expenses for that particular exhibition, whether it a group showing or an individual artist show. Any excess amount left over after all accumulated gallery expenses (including administration costs) have been deducted will be paid to the artist or group concerned.

The gallery will be available for hire to special events production companies and the motion picture industry for specified periods for special events and film location shoots.

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Hodnett Fine Art reserves the right to change or modify these terms and conditions at any time and without notice.

Please Note

While all due care will be exercised, hfa contemporary, (including any of its staff, employees - temporary or otherwise - or representatives), accept no liability whatsoever for any artwork or portfolios lost, damaged or otherwise destroyed either during shipment to or from the gallery or at any time while in the gallery's possession. Please ensure that any art work sent or delivered to the gallery is adequately packaged and insured for the duration of the exhibition including shipping time to and from the gallery and/or while in storage at the gallery.


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