The painting depicts a place sacred to the Ancient Puebloan people that has been vandalized by graffiti.

The painting serves to promote further dialogue surrounding the broader debate concerning the altering of historical fact to suit  present day "politically correct" sentiments. The message “WHY CHANGE HISTO(RY?)” is however not the usual graffitiesque type script. It is neatly written in uppercase script further suggesting that these sites have, by the very nature of tourist commercialization, been desecrated.

The doorway depicted in the painting is not only aesthetically pleasing in design, but also defensive in design. Only one person can go through the doorway at a time thus reinforcing the fact that security was a key factor in Anasazi culture. The doorways were however designed in such a way as to allow for large items to be carried from room to room.

The original concept included a particular rock which was to hang in front of the hole depicted at the bottom of the painting. The intention was to add further dimension to the work while drawing attention to the actual sacred Kiva chamber below.

Signed lower right.  Size: 178 cm. x 152.5 cm. - 70in. x 60 in.   Date: 2006    -  Oil on Linen

Collection: Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, Canada

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